The Auslite gantry is the next step towards a a’no lift’ cemetery services industry.

Austeng and Lite Industries have collaborated to develop the Auslite gantry to address the risks of manual handling of coffins and monumental ledgers.  Risk of injury to funeral directors, cemetery staff and family members is reduced by use of the gantry.

The gantry provides a safe means of handling and maneuvering coffins and ledgers at the grave site and is especially useful when coffins need to be dipped during lowering over a monument.  Additional uses of the gantry include exhumation or attachment of safety harnesses for staff working within grave excavations.

The gantry is modular, lightweight, easily transportable and can come in a variety of finishes.  A dual battery powered hoist arrangement with remote control allows coffins and ledgers to be easily handled is a safe and controlled manner.  For coffin interment, quick-release clips allow the lowering straps to be detached without entering the grave.

The gantry has been engineered to meet all relevant National Lifting Codes and Safety Regulations.

See ACCA NEWS WINTER 2017 for additional details.

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