Crematoria Equipment
Austeng are a boutique engineering firm that specialises in the design, engineering, development and building of customised electromechanical machinery and systems.

Austeng Joule Cremator

The latest “Joule” is made in Australia and is packed with unique and innovative features that will ensure it continues to set the standards against which all other designs are measured. The “Joule” Cremator has undergone several changes since its […]

Creotal Cremator

The “Creotal Cremator” is a small efficient and economic furnace especially designed and dedicated to the cremation for feotal and still-born baby remains. It is consistent with the emerging trend of cemeteries and crematoria organisations offering separate areas for the […]

Bench & Capture Hood

If you are likely to be handling ashes outside the machine, i.e. transferring ashes into scattering urns, causuary urns or other non-standard containers, repacking for other locations etc. we recommend our proven Ash Handling system which consists of Cremovac, specially […]

Automated Charge Bier

The Austeng Automatic Charge Bier is designed to take all the heavy manual handling of coffins away from the Cremator operator. It is also specifically set-up to ensure your staff are more than 2 metres away from the Cremator especially […]

Transfer Trolley

This transfer trolley is simple but efficient. It is on heavy duty castors, has a scissor lift configuration and the top deck is fitted with rollers. The lifting action is powered up and down by battery so that the casket […]

The Austeng Ash Processor

The major advantage of our Ash Processor is that the ash container is inserted under the machine so that the ashes discharge directly into the standard ash container via a special built-in vacuum device. Accordingly, there is no requirement to […]


Recent leading edge catafalque designs demonstrate how catafalque function can be modified in innovative and flexible ways to operate in new contexts. ROOKWOOD CATHOLIC, SYDNEY At the end of 2015 Austeng manufactured and installed a new catafalque for Catholic Cemeteries […]


Auslite Gantry

The Auslite gantry is the next step towards a a’no lift’ cemetery services industry. Austeng...

Modern Burial Systems

The new approach to interment that significantly increases cemetery revenue. The Modern Burial comprises a...

Austeng Joule Cremator

The latest “Joule” is made in Australia and is packed with unique and innovative features...