Cemetery Equipment
Austeng are a boutique engineering firm that specialises in the design, engineering, development and building of customised electromechanical machinery and systems.

Auslite Gantry

The Auslite gantry is the next step towards a a’no lift’ cemetery services industry. Austeng and Lite Industries have collaborated to develop the Auslite gantry to address the risks of manual handling of coffins and monumental ledgers.  Risk of injury […]

Grave Safety Fence

The Austeng Grave Safety Fence addresses and reduces two health & safety issues currently facing cemetery operators. These are: The risk of mourners or cemetery staff falling into an open grave (which may be up to 2.7 metres deep) Manual […]

Grave Shoring

Austeng Grave Shoring is used to support the sides of a grave. There has been more than one incident in Victoria where a grave digger has been trapped when the grave sides have given way. Aluminium was chosen as it […]

Grave Cover

The cover is designed to overcome the problem created by an open grave site and the potential danger this represents for both employees and visitors. It is manufactured from lightweight aluminium tubing and covered with unbreakable, corrugated plastic “Lexan” sheeting […]

Floral Tribute Stand

The main features of the stands are: Lightweight construction fitted with robust casters so the stands can be easily moved around the cemetery and mausoleum Lockable wheels to ensure stands remain in required position Stainless steel lip to avoid slippage […]

Mausoleum Internment Trolley

The Austeng Mausoleum Interment Trolley was designed and built in response to a request to design a safer and more dignified method of planning coffins and caskets into mausoleum crypts at any level. It greatly reduces OH&S issues as it […]

Mausoleum Shutter Handling Module

Austeng has developed a mausoleum marble and granite crypt front lifter device. This is in response to the health and safety challenges associated with lifting the very heavy mausoleum crypt front as well as the possible risk of employees over […]

Transfer Van Module

In consultation with members of the funeral and cremation industry we have developed a module that provides an efficient, ergonomic, worker friendly system to utilize the full capacity of any transfer van. This helps to minimize the risk of back […]


Auslite Gantry

The Auslite gantry is the next step towards a a’no lift’ cemetery services industry. Austeng...

Modern Burial Systems

The new approach to interment that significantly increases cemetery revenue. The Modern Burial comprises a...

Austeng Joule Cremator

The latest “Joule” is made in Australia and is packed with unique and innovative features...