“The Austeng management and staff have consistently worked proactively and constructively with our company personnel to adapt their equipment to our situation and continue to provide improvements to both the equipment and their services to address our particular needs.  Their reputation in the industry is unparalled”

Ian ParkerRetired
Commercial Manager
Cemetery & Crematoria
Invocare Australia Pty. Ltd.

Crematoria Products

Austeng manufactures under license from Matthews International of the U.K. top quality cremators that sets the standards for cremators world wide.

The latest “Joule” cremator is fully computerised and packed with many unique and innovative features that sets it apart from its competitors.

Our innovative and constantly evolving ancillary equipment, such as the Catafalques, Cremovac, Creotal Cremator, Transfer Trolleys and Automatic Charge Bier enhance and complement our cremators.

Austeng has been supporting the cemetery and cremation industry in Australasia since 1989, including the manufacture and servicing of cremators.

Our skills in design and management of crematoria projects in partnership with our clients have earned us a reputation for excellence.

“Austeng’s willingness to work productively and proactively with the Geelong Cemeteries Trust in our goals over 25+ years has contributed to our long term efficiency and progress. I have no hesitation in recommending Austeng, its staff and its equipment”.

Darryl Thomas
Chief Executive Officer
Geelong Cemeteries Trust