Austeng has been supporting the cemetery and cremation industry since 1989. We are constantly developing new products to improve service to, and safety in, the industry.

Austeng has developed a variety of cemetery and crematoria equipment designed with Occupational Health and Safety, ease of use and affordability in mind. Our current range of equipment includes:

Austeng will be pleased to modify any of the designs for your specific purposes and will design additional equipment as the need arises. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.

Austeng is a member of the Australasian Cemeteries and Crematoria Association (ACCA). We distribute an e-mail newsletter that focuses on current engineering applications in the industry. If you would like to added to this e-mail list please send your request to


Funding Grants are often available for the purchasing of cemetery equipment from the Department of Health, Victoria.

Priority is given to equipment funding that enhances the safety of the facility (e.g. Grave Covers, Shoring, Grave Fences).

See Vic Health Cemetery Grants for details and application forms.