Australia’s leading supplier of engineering services to the cemetery and crematoria industries.

Setting the standard in Cremation Design & Systems


Austeng is a family based company located in Geelong, Victoria that manufactures as well as services high standard cremators and associated equipment such as cremovacs and automated charge biers.

Austeng’s reputation is based on its diversity and ability to provide innovative engineering solutions to a range of situations.

Since 1989 Austeng has been manufacturing and servicing the Newton and Joule range of cremators under license from Furnace Construction Co. Ltd and offer our clients the latest equipment from these world leaders.  We are now allied the Matthews International group of companies that includes Furnace, Matthews International in U.S and GEM in Italy.  Matthews is a market leader in the design and manufacture of technologically advanced range of cremators and ancillary equipment and has manufactured and installed many cremators in various countries around the world.

This together with Austeng’s Australian based operation provides a continuing service to our clients in the Australasian region.

Our exclusive agreement is a comprehensive Interlinking of the companies and includes technology transfer through staff training in all construction and maintenance aspects of the units: 24 hour access to specialist advice and staff exchanges to keep abreast of the technology improvements in cremator design.

Its association with Australasian Cemeteries & Crematoria Association spans many years, with Austeng being involved in sponsoring the ACCA conference since 1989.

We employ a wide diversity of staff including mechanical, electrical and control engineers and various categories of tradesman namely fitters, boilermakers, sheet metal workers and electricians.  This strength and diversity guarantees virtually all work is undertaken “In-house” therefore ensuring any project will be under close scrutiny and control at all times.  The benefits to our clients are a single contact person for the overall project and a compact project management team.

Our skills in design, manufacture, installation and project management mean that Austeng is ideally suited for Crematorium projects.

Global view and team participation

Austeng take a global view of any project.  We are not only supplying individual items of equipment.  The ultimate endpoint must be a working system.  This includes building design, layout, selection of equipment, ergonomics, operating logistics, patterns of use, staff training and many other factors. We see part of our commitment to a project as providing common sense and practical advice as part of the overall team.  We believe this team-work can make a real difference to the end result.


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